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Hello readers!

Welcome to my WordPress site! I am currently a fourth year French/ English double major at St. John’s University in New York City. I am member of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society and a member of Pi Delta Phi National French Honor Society, as well as a brother of Alpha Phi Omega international co-ed community service fraternity.

In addition, I am also an editor and Community Recruiter for Odyssey, a writing platform giving voice to millennials all over the country. You can apply to be a part of my communities “Manhattan , NYC” or “New Haven, Conn.”- regardless of your geographical location-  under “get involved” in the site’s application link.

I am also currently involved with Girls Write Now, one of New York City’s Top 10 NPOs, in their Development and Operations department. GWN pairs young women with female mentors and offers them a creative, safe space to learn and grow using a variation of writing techniques and digital media tools.

On this blog you can find my analyses pertaining to a course I previously took entitled “American Women Writers,” which discusses literature penned by lesser- known female American authors. I now use this blog to post other academic pieces that I write over the course of various semesters and keep tabs on my various extra- curricular projects and collaborations. My writing stems from both core classes and those pertaining to my dual major. By clicking on Home in the upper righthand corner of this page, you can see each individual blog post. To learn more information about me or about the classes that I’m taking, feel free to read my first blog post or respond to any of my pieces with any questions or thoughts. The content of my blog has slowly but surely been making the shift from a class- specific page to more of an academic writing portfolio. Eventually(and hopefully), this will be a one- stop place that you might be able to find all of my writing.

Over the course of the following months, my site will be undergoing a facelift as I add new content and consider what direction and form I want Just Wandering Through (formerly American Woman Writing for Women Writers) to take on next. I will also be using my new hashtag, #WandyFelicitaWriting, online so that you can pinpoint my online writing whereabouts in all your social search bars.

Happy Reading!

– W


If you’re interested in seeing other pieces and photos by me not found on this WordPress site, you can subscribe to/ follow me on these websites:


http://hertrack.com/wandy-ortiz/ (Click Read Wandy’s Articles)









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