Fashion, Feminism & Future Goals: Interview with Reza Cristían of RezaCristí

mod5As part of my new summer collaboration project, I’m thrilled to introduce my readership to Reza Cristían, fellow Feminist and founder of fashion blogging and lifestyle website RezaCristí, formerly known as Cristían, a Southern California native whose fashion brand is now based in New York City, talks about her start as a fashion blogger, her Feminista inspirations, politics, and her dreams for RezaCristí beyond university life.


What inspired you to start your blog?

Growing up I have always had a passion for writing, whether that was creative or through poetry. But what really started it was the moment I left to go to school in my dream city, NYC. I wanted my family to follow my journey as I transitioned into a NYC girl and also express my love for fashion.

How do you get daily inspiration and ideas for your fashion ensembles and blog posts?

I get daily inspiration by traveling, going to new places, trying new things out and also by shopping! I like to post by seasons, then also by pieces I find at either boutiques or consignment shops. That way, I help out the everyday girl look fashionable with affordable prices.

Who is your female fashion icon?

My female fashion icon is the lovely Audrey Hepburn, mainly for her elegance and classy looks. And I do feel that my style is lost in the 50’s and 60’s. I love dressing girly, preppy with long skirts and dresses. But I do also have a darker side such as Victoria Beckham, as example. Slim fitting pieces with dark hues of blue, grey, and even black- I think New York City got to me.

How do you think the fashion industry plays a role in the way women are viewed in society? Do you think that certain styles/ fashion trends lend themselves more easily to certain feminine stereotypes?

Well, the fashion industry sadly plays a negative role in the way women are viewed due to skinny models and not using real everyday women. But I think women forget the models are just there to fit the clothes and to give an example, but many companies such as Aerie are now using everyday girls, plus size models, and even not photoshopping campaign photos. I know there are a lot of different fashion trends- there could be your typical girly girl blogger, or your edgy street style blogger chick, and this all depends on what makes the woman more comfortable. I myself am on the curvier side, since God blessed me with a bottom, and the certain trends of long skirts or tight slimming outfits helped me embrace it. I feel like fashion helps a women feel confident and embrace what she has.

With the presidential candidates coming down to Clinton and Trump, being that you are a Feminist, do you still support Hillary, regardless of Trump? If so or not, why?

I will and always will be a Bernie supporter; I think you can say that I am not much of a fan for Hillary. I am a little disappointed that Bernie endorsed Hillary, since being a Feminist I never felt pressured to vote for her, being that she is a woman. For the longest time, I didn’t think us as Feminist needed to jump on the fact that she is our potential first woman president, I mean how awesome is that?  But that is no reason to have voted for her over Bernie in my opinion, due to the fact that I don’t believe she is the right candidate as our first woman president. But now that is her against Trump, I definitely will choose her over him any day. I just don’t like that I feel forced to.  

Who knows, maybe she will be the greatest first woman president that we need.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment as a fashion/ lifestyle blogger?

My biggest accomplishment so far is launching my brand new site, which use to be called This has happened because being a blogger has allowed me to meet and make friends with other bloggers such as my good friend Igee Okafor of He was my real push to starting my new brand and site.

If you can remember one moment, or multiple moments, that helped shaped your views on fashion, what would it/ they be?

Being in 5th grade, I had this obsession of wanting to be a fashion designer. My family bought me a sewing machine. This is the first moment that helped me shape my views on fashion. Because I loved creating things and trying on new styles, both boring and unique, to help me find my happy medium in fashion, I was able to take from this and start my own brand called FunkyKisses. Then from there I brought  my two favorite things together: writing and fashion and viola! I am where I am today.

How do you hope to change the fashion industry for other young designers, models, and fashion columnists?

I love, love Haute Couture and high end fashion designers, but I would like to bring “everyday” people to fashion in magazines such as Vogue, and as designers and models. I also don’t want women to feel afraid when it comes to stepping into the fashion industry; I would like to definitely make it a friendly place for all. You don’t have to have money or connections to make it big in this world at first. If you have an idea and create from that, then you will make your own money and connections from there on out.

How have your university studies affected the way that you use and understand fashion as a tool for social statement making?

I am currently not in any fashion classes, and the reason for this is because I feel it can all be self- taught. Of course, business is a main concept of fashion, and this is why I decided to have a minor in business. But I don’t think it is my studies that have affected the way I use and understand fashion, it is more like the the people I’ve met that is reason I am affected.


If you’d like to know more about Reza, her fashion line, or how to collaborate with her in the future, you can head to her About page, or subscribe and drop her a line at RezaCristí

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Based on interview (July 20th, 2016)


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