Her Track #ShareWhatMatters: Creating Safe Writing Spaces for Girls and Women


Since discovering that 1) I wanted to be an English major 2) my passion lies in digital media and 3) I identify myself as both a Feminist and an activist of the Latina minority, I have been using my skill set as a writer and my extroverted personality to become an advocate for the causes that matter most to me and others like me.

If there’s one thing I hate for myself, it’s being a hypocrite when it comes to sociopolitical or gender- related issues. As much as I like writing about these topics and doing my research, I personally feel that the validity of my own beliefs stems from getting my hands dirty through service and employment that follow my values. Being the Development and Operations intern for Girls Write Now, where teens in our writing and digital media mentorship programs are 90% high need and 95% girls of color, allows me to directly contribute to social activism by uplifting the female sex and the minorities that lie within it. Additionally, by being part of the Her Track team I am able to put into practice what institutions such as GWN strive to do for young girls and women such as myself- give them a safe constructive, expressive places to develop their own ideas.

What matters to me is making others aware that places like Her Track and GWN DO exist, however they exist sparingly in ways that simply cannot meet the high demand of young women who deserve to have their voices heard instead of silenced or dismissed. Personal activities such as volunteer work, donating, or even sharing pertinent information that spreads awareness and advocacy for safe female writing spaces are especially helpful. I find the exclusivity of such female- centric communities to be important, as they serve as the building block for a even larger- scale ushering in of women to a predominantly male- dominated writing world.

Creating a welcoming, encouraging environment for women to build off of one another and grow is what will help gain confidence that not every girl initially has to supercede the gender inequality that continues to exist amongst writing creatives. In reading my post, please consider looking into the resources listed if you feel that this is a cause you find of value and want to take up. Of course, I understand that not everyone will identify with what I write about, but for those that do, I hope that you take the passion and personal conviction behind my writing and allow to it enrich your lives and the lives of others.FullSizeRender (4)


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