Lesson in Vocabulary: A Feminist Poetic Revision

Spoken Word poetry performed as part of a St. John’s University

Women’s History Month event entitled Her Words. 

A Lesson in Poetry

Alpha Female

noun| al·pha fe·male | \ˈal-fə ˈfē-ˌmāl\


A powerful, assertive woman. Her confidence may be due to her good looks and/or superior intelligence. Men desire her, and girls with low self-esteem hate her.



Alpha Female:

A bitch,

A Feminatzi,

A poser,

A wannabe


Alpha Female:



Attention Whore


Where does she get “it” from?


“It” is a lot of things:


Understanding how sex appeal works and being unafraid to both exude it and use it to one’s advantage

While simultaneously having self- respect and respect for others






She is:


A leader




And sexy



She shouldn’t have to give up her body- con dress for a suit in order to be taken seriously or respected. She shouldn’t have to wear a suit or a body- con dress in order to be taken seriously or respected. The Alpha Female can do anything, in anything, and she damn well knows it.


That’s the scary part. That she knows. Women becoming increasingly self- aware? Terrifying. Even more terrifying than this is that we never know when calling someone an “Alpha Female” is a put- down, or a compliment.



If it’s said to you as a put- down

Or if you say it as a put- down

It’s because of fear that somebody else’s




Might supersede

Her own,

His own



I’ll go right ahead and make something abundantly clear about being an Alpha Female:


It’s good to have friends that appreciate it.

It’s good to have a partner that gets and promotes it in a positive way and sees you as an equal.


Not a challenge.


It’s good to be the one that everyone can always count on to get the job done or take the plunge.

It’s good to have big goals and hopes and dreams that you’re not afraid to tackle.


If somebody says it to you, own it!


If you see a girl that’s taking the world by storm, let her know. The term “Alpha Female” isn’t one that has to pass between lips to slander. Let’s use it to help push our friends, family members, and girlfriends to the top of their game. It all starts with knowing that somebody else’s success does not diminish your own, regardless of who or what you are.


To all the Alpha ladies, don’t let anything or anyone stop you.






Inspired by:










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