Lost in Translation: Class Posts

Hello readers,

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, and in my “About the Author” tab here on my WordPress site, all of the blog entries you see here arise from a university academic setting, That being said, when I refer to certain authors, literary works or philosophies, I may briefly mention them without much background information as to what the sources I am using are. In those cases, the post is more of a short “journal entry”, free- write stemming from a short essay prompt from one of my classes. So I apologize for anyone who has been reading & has not been too sure as to exactly what they are reading about. That being said, I always make it a point to cite my sources in my more formal “essay- type” pieces, so feel free to check them out and familiarize yourselves with certain topics and ideas. And also, feel free to comment on my posts or contact me if you want some background information or sources from any of my shorter posts.

Thanks so much,

Happy Reading!

– W


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